This Green Could Kill Leukemia Cancer Cells
Do you think of the common dandelion as a pesky weed? Well, it may be time to reconsider your opinion. It turns out that dandelion is far more than an unwanted, but prolific, ground cover. Dandelion is a valuable herb you can eat to boost your nutrit... Read More
Carcinogen Found in Soda
In a spot check performed several months ago, Health Canada found a known carcinogen in roughly 20% of the soft drinks and other beverages purchased at an Ottawa, Ontario grocery store. The level of the substance in four of the items actually exceede... Read More
Are You Taking Gleevec for Cancer? It Could Damage Your Heart
According to researchers, a pill that helps treat a difficult form of leukemia may cause serious heart damage. The drug, “Gleevec” (imatinib) works by targeting the deadly form of cancer’s underlying defect. While this drug has help... Read More
FDA Gives Drug for Rare Cancer a Head Start
In more news on the topic, there’s a new drug available for a rare form of cancer — and it’s just received accelerated approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  “Chronic myeloid leukemia,” (also called... Read More