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What Is Canada’s Proposed Food Guide: Why Big Steps Are Being Taken
As a holistic nutritionist, I don’t believe in food guides, pyramids, or plates. Everyone is different, and a person’s diet should reflect that. That said, Canada’s Food Guide is being overhauled, and I think it is worth the time to talk abou... Read More
Requesting Ongoing Drug Reviews from the FDA
As we get older, we often become more aware of our health needs and therefore often take action to ensure that we get the best treatment available. Seniors especially should be highly conscious of what they require in order to maintain their good hea... Read More
Seniors Shouldn’t Be Excluded from Undergoing Lung Transplants
When it comes to surgery, seniors are often told they can’t go under the knife — regardless of how severe their condition may be — due to their age. Yes, seniors do face extra challenges when it comes to surgery, but it doesn’... Read More
Transcendental Meditation Could Help Seniors Deal with Pain
Are you a senior who struggles with chronic pain on a daily basis? Have you tried everything under the sun — from pills to therapy — to deal with your suffering? If you have, and you’ve yet to find relief, there’s an age-old s... Read More
Anxious About Surgery? Turn on Your Computer
Here’s an interesting activity for a Saturday afternoon: sitting slouched in front of a computer screen watching a surgeon remove a brain tumor from a patient. The surgery is live and it takes a few hours to complete. The person at the computer... Read More
How Do You Think Our Health-Care System is Doing?
A 2005 international survey posed important questions to people in six different countries in order to gauge the current state of medical care in advanced industrialized nations.  The Commonwealth Fund surveyed adults in the U.S., Canada, Australia,... Read More
Big Pharma Lobbies the United States
What goes on behind closed doors of Big Pharma? Drugs are just drugs, right? Doctors measure a patient’s symptoms, write out a prescription for, say, a statin, and then the patient goes to a nearby pharmacy to fill it. The drug costs what it co... Read More
A Thanksgiving Greeting from Dr. Mike
Hi there. It’s Dr. Mike Kessler, and I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope your day off yesterday was relaxing and that you spent it with family and friends enjoying all that this holiday has to offer.  I also hop... Read More
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