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The Best Essential Oils for Pain Relief and Inflammation
The use of essential oils for pain has become a common practice among many households, those of today and in homes of ancient times. The popularity of essential oils has made them the go-to natural remedies for pain, inflammation, infection, hormone ... Read More
Gallstones: The Solution Your Doctor Won’t Give You
I love my work. Not only do I write and give you the straight goods on getting healthy, but I also get to learn some of the most remarkable and strange facts about health every day. For example, I was recently enlightened about one of the common sym... Read More
Sour Burps: Causes and Natural Home Treatment Tips to Get Rid of Them
You know that sour taste you get in your mouth when you burp? It’s a disgusting taste that usually develops after we eat or drink. Sour burps come and go and may not seem like a serious concern other than giving you bad breath, but it actually can ... Read More
Anemia: Causes, Symptoms, Health Risks, and How to Treat It
A few days ago, I called up an old buddy of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while to ask if he wanted to catch up over a few beers. Now, I’m not much of a beer or alcohol drinker anymore since I recently started my journey to better health, but every... Read More
Workout Motivation Tricks to Get Yourself to the Gym
With each passing minute, it’s getting closer to the time I’m supposed to head to the gym. But I’m feeling a little tired. Not only that, but I was invited to a little get-together. And did I mention the game will be on? The excuses we make up ... Read More
Swearing Is Great for Your Workouts, Study Says
If you’ve been cussing your way through workouts because you don’t like being in the gym, guess what? You could be onto something. In fact, it may be helping you in a big way. It turns out that one of the secrets to greater power and strength is ... Read More
April Is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month
When is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month? What is the Testicular Cancer Awareness Month color? What month is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month? These are all important questions. April is International Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s t... Read More
8 Positive Thinking Strategies to Fight Illness
I’m sure you have that person in your life whose endless positivity can be draining. Sometimes it’s like, “Come on, enough already. Open your eyes and look around.” But, they actually might be on to something with this positive thinking, espe... Read More
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