Health Breakthroughs

Gallstones: The Solution Your Doctor Won’t Give You
I love my work. Not only do I write and give you the straight goods on getting healthy, but I also get to learn some of the most remarkable and strange facts about health every day. For example, I was recently enlightened about one of the common sym... Read More
Gut Health: Another Reason to Raise a Glass of Red Wine?
I have some good news for you today! You can go ahead and drink that glass of red wine with your dinner and know that you are doing something good for your body. We have all heard about the heart health benefits of red wine. But, new studies show th... Read More
Metabolic Syndrome: A New Health Crisis and How to Avoid It
Credit: There is a new health crisis hiding in plain sight. It may be one of the biggest health concerns we face today. And, I am seeing some of my friends and family struggling with symptoms of this health crisis. I’m talking ... Read More
Prostate Cancer: Eating These Foods Can Starve Cancer Cells
If you choose to satisfy your hunger with grapes, apples, or spicy meals like curries, then guess what? You could be starving potential prostate cancer cells at the same time. A new study is showing that compounds in red grapes, apple skin, and turme... Read More
Could This Be the Answer to Insomnia?
All health breakthroughs in the field of insomnia are welcomed with open arms by those who sleep poorly. Researchers have just uncovered an interesting piece of health advice: wearing a special cap could help insomniacs drift off and stay that way. T... Read More
The Real Story About Homeopathy
Homeopathy is a form of alternative health that originated in the mid 1800s. It has slowly grown in popularity, on the basis of some health breakthroughs, and an increasing trend of seeking natural forms of medicine. Doctors Health Press has a newsle... Read More
New Study Shows Fiber Could Be a Lifesaver
The more fiber you get through your diet, the lower your risk of death from heart, lung or infectious diseases. That comes from a new study over a nine-year period that also found dietary fiber lowers your risk of death from any cause as well. Protec... Read More
A Potential Breakthrough Cure on the Horizon
HIV is a worldwide epidemic. But there may be hope for those affected with this killer disease. In 1981, men with symptoms of a unknown disease were first treated in Los Angeles and New York. The men had an unusual type of lung infection and rare ski... Read More
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