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Find natural remedies and cures for key health concerns. Get the latest information on remedies for virtually any ailment. Discover latest information on natural treatments for cancer, diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, dementia and many more.

Live Longer: How Green Space Can Make You Healthier
It’s that time of year when everybody gets to be a little Irish. And for many of you, the best way to do that is to think green. But it’s not just about four-leaf clovers and enjoying a green beer this time of year; it’s about getting ready for... Read More
The Best Natural Treatments for Vertigo
Last week, I was enjoying a fantastic spring day while walking in the park with my friend, Kate. Then, all of a sudden she got dizzy. She told me her head just started spinning, and that she felt lightheaded. The sensation would soon re-appear. A few... Read More
Acupuncture Without Needles?
I’ve been debating getting acupuncture done to help alleviate some pain I’ve been having on and off in my shoulder for years now. Do you know the reason why I haven’t gone yet? I’m afraid of needles! And I’m not alone. Roughly 100 million A... Read More
The 10-Fold Healing Power of Quercetin
Here’s some health news about a particularly powerful flavonoid. It’s called quercetin, and it could help fight free radicals. These particles are responsible for damaging cell membranes, screwing up DNA, and even killing off healthy cells. They... Read More
Natural Hangover Remedies Revealed
Indulgence in alcohol, even for some moderate drinkers, does carry the risk of hangover. The classic signs are a throbbing headache, queasy stomach, general weakness, and dry mouth. Dehydration (alcohol suppresses the anti-diuretic hormone), acetalde... Read More
The Best Natural Ways to Help Fight Cold and Flu
It’s that time of the year again: cold and flu season. Oftentimes, no matter what precautions you take, you end up sick and miserable in bed. How can you be living the good life if you’re out of commission? Once you succumb to illness, you might ... Read More
Natural Remedies Aid with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) know how much pain and discomfort it can bring, but they may not know is that it can lead to malnutrition. Digestion is essential for good health. But, if you can’t digest food properly, you can’t absorb... Read More
Can Red Wine Actually Prevent a Fall?
A beverage that, when overdone, can make people “tipsy” might not be the first thought of to help prevent people from falling down. But a new study has broken new ground on red wine — and its core ingredient, “resveratrol.R... Read More
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