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How Traditional Medicine and Western Medicine Can Complement Each Other
Proponents of modern Western medicine often discount traditional healing techniques as some form of sorcery, snake oil, and a dangerous con. On the other end of the spectrum, staunch supporters of natural healing methods or traditional Chinese medici... Read More
How to Beat Jetlag without Sleeping Pills
My summer just went out with a bang, as I returned from a 10-day vacation last night. And although the first half was relaxing, the last half was all “go” with a wedding and some other major events. I had to cross time zones, which is great upon ... Read More
Could this Be the Hidden Culprit Behind Your Sensitive Gut?
When you’ve got a sensitive gut, do you reach for the “Pepto-Bismol,” or for a laxative? Depending on your symptoms, there’s a good chance you need both. But what if your problem isn’t really an actual digestive system condition…but r... Read More
The Surprising Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
Have you checked out social media lately? Maybe you got sucked in and are on it every day or, perhaps you’re still holding out, or maybe you’re just leaving it to the next generations; but there’s something important you should know about it, e... Read More
FDA Bans Antibacterial Soap? What You Need to Know
For the past decade or so—perhaps even longer—antibacterial soaps (and wipes) have been all the rage. And congratulations to marketing companies for making it seem like we need them, like they were somehow more effective than soap and warm water.... Read More
CDC Warns Frozen Strawberries Responsible for Hepatitis A Outbreak
If you’ve been eating a lot of frozen strawberries lately, you might want to hold off. A recent hepatitis A outbreak has been traced back to the frozen fruit. Frozen Strawberries: Hepatitis A Outbreak A rapidly spreading outbreak of hepatitis A tha... Read More
The Secret Killer Hiding on Your BBQ Grill
Who would have thought the barbecue—the great American pastime—could be big-time health detriment? And I’m not talking about eating too many hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages or even having one too many beverages; I’m talking about the dange... Read More
Trusting Your Instincts When Your Doctor Is Wrong
You rely on your doctor like you rely on your mechanic: like mechanics, doctors possess knowledge you likely don’t, so when they tell you to do something—even if you don’t always agree—you normally do it without question. You take their word ... Read More
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