Phosphorus: Deficiency Symptoms, Health Benefits, Daily Recommendations & Best Food Sources
Phosphorus is an important mineral found in foods. However, many people don’t know just how important it is for the body. It is considered the second highest element in the human body, as it makes up about 1% of an adult’s body. It is also inv... Read More
5 Delicious and Healthy Snack Recipes for Back-to-School
Summer is just about over. That means back-to-school for all the kids out there. From a lunch box perspective, parents and even grandparents want to know what healthy snacks they should pack with them to school. Growing up, I remember snack time at... Read More
High-Protein Diet: Can It Do More Harm Than Good?
Credit: You may have read reports last week about a young mother in Australia who died because of a high-protein diet. Well, I’m here to tell you that you probably won’t meet the same fate. Meegan Hefford, a 26-year-old moth... Read More
Tiredness and Heaviness in Legs? It Could Be Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Credit: If you’ve been on a long flight, the flight attendants might suggest a few simple tips and exercises to do while sitting in your seat.  The basic idea of these exercises is to prevent the bad effects of sitting fo... Read More
Body Odor: How Your Smell Could Be a Sign of Serious Illness
Credit: We’ve all been trapped in a room with someone who might be a little stinky. You may have even noticed unpleasant odors emanating from your underarms from time to time. But other than being a bit of an inconvenience... Read More
Lemongrass Essential Oil: How It Helps with Depression and Anxiety
Credit: I tend to be a pretty upbeat person. I usually always have a smile on my face and try to see the positive side of everything. But there are some days when I find it harder to keep that smile and stay in a good mood. Last... Read More
Fitness Routine: 4 Foolproof Tips to Help You Reach Your Workout Goals
Credit: Last weekend, a friend confided in me that he and his wife wanted to join a gym, but they were struggling with where to start—a dilemma shared by many. You may have found yourself in the same predicament, and it can put... Read More
Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies Derived from Food
Credit: Homeopathic remedies can be derived from almost anywhere—even from the food you eat. Plants make up around 60% of the Homeopathic Materia Medica, and some of those come from food sources. The plant category includes herbs, ... Read More
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