The Positive News on Dairy in 2011

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The Positive News on Dairy in 2011There is little doubt that including low-fat dairy products in one’s diet is a healthy path to follow. Dairy is a food group bursting with natural foods and healing foods. This article takes a look at the studies released in 2011 that found positive notes for including more dairy in your diet.

Let’s take a tour around the world for health news about the dairy food group.

— U.S. researchers found that milk provides necessary nutrients without adversely impacting body weight in children and adolescents.

— In Australia, researchers found that consumption of low-fat dairy may help decrease the risk for high blood pressure. Regardless of fat content, milk is linked with a reduced risk of high blood pressure.

— A French study found that lower incidences of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and abnormal levels of fasting blood glucose were associated with higher consumption of dairy products and calcium.

(Note: Something in dairy may help shield you from diabetes: Dairy Ingredient Could Help Prevent Diabetes.)

— Researchers in Sweden studied more than 15,000 women and found that high-fat diets (including yogurt and regular milk) are associated with a reduced risk of invasive breast cancer.

— Researchers in Australia found that dairy food consumption is not associated with weight gain in children and adults.

— In Canada, researchers found that women who consumed at least two servings of dairy per day had smaller visceral fat cells compared with women consuming less than two daily servings.

— In Costa Rice, a study in the spring revealed that dairy intake was not associated with increased heart attack risk in more than 3,000 adults.

— A study of premenopausal women revealed that consuming low-fat and fat-free dairy products may be associated with a lower percent of body fat.

— Swedish researchers discovered that a higher intake of dairy products is associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

— In Japan, a breakfast that included milk protein was shown to reduce deep abdominal fat by approximately 15%, versus a breakfast that included soy protein that showed no change in fat.

— Two months ago, Danish researchers showed that cheese does not seem to increase total and LDL-cholesterol concentrations.

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