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AdvertisementSecretHerbalCover_2013.indd Secret Herbal Cures to Combat Sickness

Why Do the Drug Companies Want to Ban This Book?HURRY! This may be your last chance to get your hands on the natural healing guide the giant drug companies may like to see banned.That’s because it contains dozens of all-natural cures that could work more effectively than over-the-counter and prescription drugs for healing everything from arthritis to ulcers. If you’re serious about protecting your health, I urge you to order this book today! Click here to learn more…

AdvertisementOmega Cover.indd The Omega Health Miracle

It’s called The Omega Miracle Diet, and it will introduce you to the powered foods that have been clinically shown to help prevent illness and disease in your body.

Unlike other diets you might have seen, this doctor-designed diet offers you a simple, delicious, and scientifically developed eating plan that can help reverse disease and immunize your body against a host of chronic illnesses. Click here to learn more…

Advertisementfat-melter-cover.indd Make Your Weight Problems Vanish Forever – The Fat Melter

This system could easily turn the diet world on its head! The Fat Melter Weight Loss System is an incredible, new approach to losing weight. And it is simplicity itself.

People who follow it find they can lose pounds and inches without dieting, counting calories, or ever feeling “a slave” to a course of action that ultimately dooms them to fail. Click here to learn more…

Advertisement8 Day Detox Breakthrough-cover The 8-Day Detox Breakthrough

It’s called The 8-Day Detox Breakthrough, and there’s nothing else like it! Learn how a miracle breakthrough can help both men and women over 50 drive pain and disease out of your body.

See for yourself how you could use this amazing home detox miracle to help end pain and inflammation… clear clogged arteries… prevent adult onset diabetes… protect your body from skin cancer… and even lose weight. Click here to learn more…

AdvertisementNaturalcures-  Encylopedia of Natural Cures

The Encyclopedia of Natural Cures and Remedies is our most extensive and resourceful book we’ve ever published.  Over 200 pages of alternative remedies and cures that you can easily do from the comforts of your own home to remedy virtually any illness or disease you’re suffering from. And best of all, this book is FREE for all new subscribers to The Doctors Health Journal of Alternative Remedies and Cures.

This newsletter gives you monthly advice on the best and most effective alternative remedies and cures to help you battle some of the most harmful diseases. To see more about this offer and why you need to get this advice, click here to watch a special video.


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  • "I'm not even a quarter of the way through "12 Kitchen Cures to Slash Your Blood Pressure" and found three (remedies) to work as stated. It seems like one in and of itself is the one thing that knocks of as many as 10 points from each side of my BP."

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  • "I have been impressed with your newsletter alongside of other health blogs as there is developing in this arena an informed consensus of basic nutritional principles that our culturally stressed diets need for a realistic return to good health individually and as a society."

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