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Homeopathic Healing


Homeopathic Healing Miraclesgives you the latest research on homeopathy and new applications for treatments that could make all the difference in your life. It also informs you on exactly which symptoms correspond with which remedy. For example, in a past issue we revealed the 10 different cold remedies to find the perfect match for you.

You’ll know when you can treat yourself at home, and when you should get the help of a professional homeopathic physician. Homeopathic Healing Miracles will also help you make the best use of your consultation.

This publication will give you critical information that could save your family’s life in the case of an attack or epidemic, and also find out where you can get the remedies you need and exactly what form to take them in.

We’ve also put together 4 special reports that will be included for you as a new subscriber:

  • How to Protect Yourself And Loved Ones From Deadly Epidemics
  • How to Understand Homeopathic Healing Miracles In Just 17 Minutes
  • Find A Certified Homeopathic Healer Fast: And What To Ask When You Make Contact
  • Don’t Stay Home Without It: The Homeopathic First Aid Kit Every Family Should Own

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Food Doctor


Each month in The Food Doctor, you will discover new and delightful ways to enjoy nature’s delicious healing bounty. You’ll discover remarkable superfoods with many times the healing power of typical foods you may be eating now.

Try The Food Doctor under our limited-time introductory offer; you’ll also receive 2 special gifts FREE, just for trying this newsletter.

  • Desserts for Defeating Heart Disease
  • Five Forbidden Foods that Can Save Your Life
  • Top 10 Pain-Relieving Foods
  • Top 12 Brain-Boosting Foods
  • Five Forbidden Foods that Can Save Your Life
  • Doctor`s Cookbook: Lifesaving Recipes That Blow Your Taste Buds Away
  • The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Organic Food

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Chinese Medicine Healing Miracles gives you the secrets of Chinese medicine, which is one of the oldest forms of medicine to date. In each jam-packed issue, you’ll discover the very best ancient Chinese healing secrets proven by thousands of years of traditional medicine and by modern science such as these topics covered in past issues:

  • Why massaging of the hands ends migraine pain in 100-patient study. Amazing results reported in the International Journal of Alternative Medicine.
  • The Prized Chinese herbal combination that remedies fatigue. 86% success rate in clinical study.
  • Tricking your body for greater pain relief. Do these normal stretches in front of a mirror and pain vanish. Startling findings reported in Cancer Research.
  • Brain scans in Boston University Medical Center study show yoga greatly improves moods and significantly decreases anxiety.

And many more little-known but powerful effective remedies, cures and natural treatments of Chinese master healers—yours in each monthly issue of Chinese Medicine Healing Miracles.

Plus, new subscribers are entitled to a free six-volume Library of Traditional Chinese Healing Miracles:

  • FREE Vol. 1: Rub Pain Out of Your Wrists, Hands, Elbows, Shoulders, Neck and Knees in Just Seconds
  • FREE Vol. 2: Miraculous Traditional Chinese Food Cures
  • FREE Vol. 3: Chinese Medicine’s Most Potent Herbal Healers
  • FREE Vol. 4: The Chinese Stretching Secret for High Blood Pressure, Chronic Pain, Cholesterol and More
  • FREE Vol. 5: How to Find the Best Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners—No Matter Where You Live
  • FREE Vol. 6: 12 Amazing Secrets of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Healers

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In Cures for the Hidden Causes of Illness, you will discover numerous possible causes for your symptoms, and the newest, most effective remedies that don’t just hide the symptoms, but could also cure the underlying causes. Now you can help your doctor pinpoint the primary problem.

The bottom line: when you subscribe to Cures for the Hidden Causes of Illness, you won’t waste hours looking for answers.

Each issue will be sent monthly to your home with everything you need to find answers to the hidden causes of illness.

As a new subscriber you will receive 7 FREE reports along with your monthly newsletter, Cures for the Hidden Causes of Illness:

  • 5 Concealed Causes of Headaches and How to Cure Them
  • Amazing Cures for Hidden Causes of 34 Illnesses
  • Cures for the 9 Hidden Problems That Cause Arthritis & Joint Pain
  • Cures for the 18 Hidden Problems That Cause Heart Disease
  • Cures for the 8 Hidden Conditions Behind Digestive Problems
  • Cures for the 10 Different Hidden Causes of Fatigue
  • Memory Loss & Concentration Problems: Cures for the 12 Hidden Causes

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As a subscriber to The Boston Health Journal, you can count on us—to walk you through the newest treatments every month. We will tell you which foods, medicines, and lifestyle factors may trigger your symptoms.

Plus, we’ll explain—in plain English—how natural breakthroughs could help you ward off illness…prevent diabetes…stop migraines…and slash your risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke plus many more.

Most importantly, we’ll show you how you can take control of your health better than you have ever been able to before.

You will receive these FREE reports as a new subscriber:

  • End Chronic Pain for Good
  • Strenghten Your Heart and Prevent Disease
  • Shield Your Body From All Types of Cancer
  • Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good
  • Reverse Vision, Hearing and Memory Loss
  • Enjoy a More Active Sex Life Well Into Your 60’s, 70’s and Beyond

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While The Doctor’s Health Journal of Alternative Remedies & Cures is no substitute for your personal doctor, it does put at your fingertips new choices in natural healing from the most respected MDs and health experts in the world, including;

  • Why many obstetricians choose this treatment over an epidural to block severe labor pain;
  • How you can use this revolutionary no-drug cure to block back pain, neck The Vitamin Doctor pain, and leg pain, as well as cervical, muscular, and arthritis pain;
  • Why those who swear by it claim it’s more effective than carrying a bottle of pain pills;
  • And, of course, how to get your insurance company to pay for it.

Most importantly, we will share with you the medically proven alternative cures and remedies that have helped thousands of others beat the same illnesses that could be causing you trouble.

As a new subscriber, you will get our six-volume Advanced Healing Library of Alternative Remedies & Cures—yours FREE for simply giving The Doctor’s Health Journal of Alternative Remedies & Curesmembership a try. This library will consist of:

  • Food That Heal Pain
  • How to Beat Agonizing Pain
  • 21 Alternative Popular Prescription Drugs
  • 12 Vitamins and Nutrients That Can Increase Your Energy
  • Diabetes Little-Known Natural Cures
  • The Doctors Health Encylopedia of Natural and Alernative Cures (book)
  • The Doctors Health Encylopedia of Natural and Alernative Cures (book)

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The Vitamin Doctorwas created to provide you with the most valuable information when it comes to choosing the best, most effective and, most importantly, the safest vitamins and supplements for you and your family.

The Vitamin Doctor goes way beyond vitamins! We cover minerals, nutraceuticals, herbal extracts, phytochemicals, nutrition, and medical information, too.

Why do you need it? Because millions of people like you take their vitamins every day, but they still have health problems. If you want vitamins and minerals to work for you, you must know exactly what type of supplements to take, at what dosages, and under what conditions.

All of this information can be in your hands. As a new subscriber you are entitled to all five Reports FREE:

  • 40 New Miracle Vitamin Cures
  • Natural Nutrients for Joint Pain
  • Healing Powers of Natural Vitamins
  • The Truth About Omega-3
  • Agent M for Heart Health and Pain Relief

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  • 12 monthly issues per year
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