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Grape seed extract is a great natural alternative to statins when dealing with cholesterol levels.Here’s a word that comes up a lot when talking about cholesterol: hyperlipidemia. This refers to an increase in the amount of fat in your blood. This could be in the form of triglycerides and/or cholesterol. When you have hyperlipidemia, you are just one step away from heart disease.

Doctors usually prescribe statins for cholesterol problems. Statins work, scientists say, because they block a substance your body needs to make cholesterol. So they’re effective—but come with lots of side effects, such as diarrhea, nausea, constipation, and muscle aches and pains. More serious side effects could include memory loss, an increased risk for diabetes, and liver damage.

If you’re having trouble with your cholesterol levels, but you’re concerned about the side effects of statins, here’s a natural alternative you can try: grape seed extract. A recent clinical trial found promising results when they tested the extract in 52 hyperlipidemic people. The participants in the study were given either 200 milligrams of grape seed extract or placebo for eight weeks.

When the researchers ran some tests, they found that the grape seed extract lowered total cholesterol and the LDL levels of the participants. As far as the researchers of this trial were concerned, grape seed extract is effective for decreasing the risk for cardiovascular disease.

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If you’re finding your cholesterol levels are higher than you would like them to be, give grape seed extract a try. It’s a safe, alternative remedy that hasn’t caused any noticeable side effects in the people who have taken it.

Don’t forget that diet is still the number one way to fight cholesterol. Make sure your fat intake is the healthy kind—make some small changes, like switching butter for olive oil. Avoid meat that contains fat. Instead, go for the extra lean cuts that have less saturated fat per serving. Organ meats are especially high in cholesterol, so eat those sparingly. If your LDL levels are already too high, go easy on the eggs. This food, while healthy, can increase your cholesterol intake significantly if you eat them on a regular basis. The one exception when it comes to “fatty foods” is fish. It’s okay to continue eating fatty fish regularly, as you’ll be getting a dose of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Source(s) for Today’s Article:
Razavi, S.M., et al., “Red grape seed extract improves lipid profiles and decreases oxidized low-density lipoprotein in patients with mild hyperlipidemia,” J Med Food. March 2013; 16(3): 255-8.

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