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On Tuesday, I introduced Doctors Health e-Bulletin readers to a “miracle” discovery. It could neutralize the toxins in your body that have been causing you pain and making you sick.

 On the day of that exciting announcement, however, many readers were unable to view our web site in order to find out more about this amazing offer. Since then, our IT department has been working around the clock to remedy this problem, and I’m happy to say our technical difficulties have been fixed!

 For this reason, I’m writing to you today to let you know that you haven’t missed your chance. . .

 That’s right, I’m extending all Doctors Health e-Bulletin readers another invitation to take me up on this exclusive offer. I’m pleased to give you another 24 hours to order your copy of our exclusive The 8-Day Detox Breakthrough program, PLUS I’ll throw in a FREE copy of the report Quick Cures for Pain, Indigestion, Colds, and Flu.

 If you or any of your loved ones are getting on in years, or dealing with pain and disease, then just this FREE report alone could be worth its weight in gold, as the advice it gives you could help you battle or even prevent the flu and its life- threatening complications.

 And, with The 8-Day Detox Breakthrough at your side, you’ll not only learn what foods and environmental factors are creating toxins in your body, but also how you could cleanse your body of them once and for all.

 For these reasons, I’m convinced that The 8-Day Detox Breakthrough is one of the most powerful health tools we’ve ever created here at the Doctors Health Press.

 Don’t miss this opportunity to make The 8-Day Detox Breakthrough a part of your life. Click on the link below right now — your good health may thank you for taking me up on this offer.


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