Potential Natural Treatments for Heart Disease

Discover natural treatments that can help you prevent stroke, heart attack, and several other heart diseases. Learn more about nutritious foods, exercises, and diets that will help you improve your heart health.

Heartburn Drugs Linked to Heart Attack
Heartburn drugs are extremely common in today’s society. They offer quick pain relief for acid reflux, indigestion, and heartburn—so most people have concluded that they are perfectly safe to use. A recent study from Stanford University, however,... Read More
A Healthy Smile Can Also Be Good for Your Heart
There are many things that we as human beings take for granted. One thing that comes to mind is our teeth and gums. We believe they are invincible and can never fall out. Gum disease is nothing to joke about; it looks disgusting and can harm the rest... Read More
Can Your Height Actually Increase Your Risk for Heart Disease?
Did you hear the latest? Apparently height could impact your health! Perhaps you saw the news report last week about a new study linking height to heart disease. The study, which was reported in The New England Journal of Medicine, looked at over 200... Read More
Salt or Sugar: What’s the Bigger Blood Pressure Threat?
In this article, I’m going to dive into how too much sugar and too little salt could have a negative impact on your blood pressure. Salt and Sugar Staples in Every American Pantry Your pantry can be seen as a kind of medicine cabinet in your kitche... Read More
Choosing the Best Cooking Oils
Here Are Top 5 Best Cooking Oils The type of cooking oil you use can go a long way towards protecting your circulatory system and preventing heart damage. Some cooking oils contain saturated fat and some contain unsaturated fat. You want the ones hig... Read More
Tomatoes More Effective Than Supplements for Heart Disease
I used to think supplementation was better for your health, especially when combined with a healthy diet. However, a trip to the camera store oddly set me on a path of discovery. It turns out that in some instances, food is better for your health—a... Read More
Bad Relationships Can Damage Your Heart
Surely, some of you have found yourself arguing constantly with your husband or wife or being around a couple that seems to drive each other crazy. Everybody knows people like that, raising questions about why or how these couples can possibly stay t... Read More
Yoga Could Help Treat Heart Disease
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America. It takes the lives of about 2,200 people every day. Approximately 84 million people have a cardiovascular disease—whether it is heart failure, heart attack, arrhythmia, stroke, or heart val... Read More
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