High Blood Pressure

Social Isolation More Harmful Than Diabetes or High Blood Pressure?
If I asked you what the pillars of a healthy lifestyle were, I’m sure the first two words from your mouth would be diet and exercise. But, just as I suspected, there is another factor that’s just as important—and now it has been confirmed by sc... Read More
5 Tips for Winter Heart Health Protection
Thankfully I haven’t had the opportunity to shovel snow off my driveway this year. But with each passing day, I know it’s getting closer and closer. Dealing with the snow is something many of us dread…but there are more serious things to wo... Read More
High Blood Pressure Linked to Plastic Food Containers, Say Researchers
According to a study conducted by researchers at the New York University Langone Medical Center, phthalate compounds used as replacements for harmful chemicals in plastic products are linked to high blood pressure and insulin resistance. The study, r... Read More
The Effects of Watching TV on Your Health
Do you remember when you were a child, your mom or dad would say, “Don’t sit too close to the television; it’s bad for your eyes.” Or maybe they said, “Turn off that television and go outside and play.” They were definitely on to somethin... Read More
DASH Diet: 20 Superfoods to Lower High Blood Pressure
DASH Diet: Reduce Hypertension and Boost Heart Health Through Diet Hypertension, or high blood pressure as it’s more commonly known, is a serious health problem that affects many Americans. Over time, the damage that it causes to blood vessels ... Read More
How to Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure
My cousin is 34 years old and, though you’d never know it just by looking at her, she has high blood pressure. She is very thin, has an immaculate diet, and is one of the calmest, most relaxed people I’ve ever met. Her condition is genetic, so ev... Read More
One Reason Not to Cut Meat from Your Diet
When it comes to eating healthy, I often hear people say that meat was the first thing they cut out of their diet. With Beyonce and Jay-Z taking on the part-time vegan diet (eating no animal products for one month), I’ve noticed that cutting out me... Read More
Eye Exams: Preventative Health for More Than Just Your Vision
Your eyes are the windows to the outside world. They allow you to see the people you love and the sights that make you smile. Without them, it can be really difficult to imagine what life would be like. Interestingly enough, your eyes are also window... Read More
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