Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

There are natural ways to avoid type 2 diabetes. Discover healthy foods, natural supplements, and exercise methods to prevent type 2 diabetes. Learn more about herbal healing foods that are significantly helpful for reducing one’s blood glucose level and treating type 2 diabetes.

Fight Metabolic Syndrome with Nutritious Avocados
Controlling your blood pressure, blood sugar levels,  cholesterol, triglyceride levels, or obesity can be a struggle. Even worse, many people have to monitor a combination of these conditions. A clustering of three or more of these risk factors is k... Read More
Type 2 Diabetes Risk & Global Warming: What’s the Link?
If you thought global warming was simply a myth or only affected the environment, you might be surprised to discover that a study has found it can also affect our health. Specifically, the effects of a warming earth have been linked to an increase in... Read More
Type 2 Diabetes Connected to Fat Deposits in Pancreas, Study Finds
Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. The condition is caused when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin and the body cannot use the insulin it makes. The blood normally uses glucose for energy; however, glucose builds up instea... Read More
How Coffee Can Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Studies show that coffee can affect your chances of developing type 2 diabetes—and it’s even more interesting to see what drinking coffee might mean to someone who is already diabetic. The results are interesting, informative, and even slightly p... Read More
The Top 4 Common Health Myths Exposed!
When it comes to health, it seems like everyone is a guru. There are so many beliefs and opinions that it can be very hard to separate fact from fiction and know what to believe. The media doesn’t help either. One day, for example, they’ll report... Read More
Is Wine Good for People With Type 2 Diabetes?
It is well-known that drinking red wine in moderation can have many health benefits. But what about for diabetics? The standard medical advice for people with diabetes has been to steer clear of alcohol, but a surprising new study suggests that it mi... Read More
Top Diet for Treating—And Preventing—Diabetes: More Protein!
How many times have you heard the term “Mediterranean diet” in the past few years? Too many, I’m sure. Now I would never disagree with the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet—in fact, I believe it’s a very good way to eat—but it’s... Read More
Study Links Type 2 Diabetes to Reduced Cognitive Function
Developing type 2 diabetes can lead to reduced cognitive function in as little as two years, according to a study published in a recent online issue of the American Academy of Neurology’s journal Neurology. The study conducted tests for cognition a... Read More
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