5 Ways to Revitalize Your Sex Life at Any Age

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166446006Sexual health and well-being is a very important factor in human health, relationships, and wellness. Sexual health is very much closely linked with your general level of health and mental well-being. If you find that you’re not interested in sex anymore or if your sex life has become more challenging, I have a few ideas that can make a difference. To improve your sex health, you have to improve your mind and body too.

Lose Weight

Weight reduction can really improve your sexual life in many ways. When you lose the excess weight, you will have a better ability to have sex from a physical perspective and you won’t find yourself as limited in your physical capabilities. Excess amounts of body fat can also change your hormone balance and this can be a problem for your libido if you are a male. Losing weight also gives you more energy and gives you a better self-image which can help you want to show off what you have. If you equate physical attractiveness with sexual desire, you may find that losing those unwanted pounds will garner a renewed interest in your partner. If you feel better, look better, and appear more attractive, you will want to have more sex.

Change Your Diet

If your diet contains higher amounts of sugar, white flour, saturated fat, and fast food, your body will secrete large amounts of insulin to keep your rising blood sugar under control. Unfortunately, this causes an increase in the inflammatory response which can decrease blood flow to the small arteries which supply the genitalia. Obviously, this is not a good thing. In addition, when your blood sugar drops quickly from this insulin spike, your energy will also plummet. Consuming foods which are high in nutrients like vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein, oily fish, olive oil, and nuts can provide the nutrients your body needs to maintain hormone levels, blood sugar, maintain energy, and keep inflammation at bay.


Exercise is valuable because it will help you lose or control your weight; however, it will also provide you with an increased physical capacity to have a fulfilling sex life. Remember, sexual activity involves getting physical and to do this you have to have a certain level of physical fitness. A regular exercise program will improve your strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility which are all required for good sex. Regular exercise will give you more energy, provide a feeling of well-being, and give you a renewed sense of confidence. This sense of confidence will translate to sexual attractiveness and an increased degree of sexual interest. A daily exercise program consisting of 45-60 minutes of cardiovascular activity and resistance exercise three to four times per week of 30 minutes duration is recommended.

Stress Reduction

Of all the issues which can put a large damper on your sex life, it’s stress. Stress from your job, family, finances, or your personal relationships can decrease your libido and your abilities to have the kind of sex you desire. Stress does some things to your body and mind which detract from the desire to have sex. Stress places your body in a state of alarm and this can be very draining to your energy. It also can affect your brain because of the chemicals secreted in the brain during periods of stress. These chemicals do not cause any stimulation of the pleasure centers and if anything blunts this response. The anxiety and depression resulting from stress can also damage any attempts at having a healthy, regular sex life. Try practicing regular stress reduction techniques like yoga, tai chi, meditation, or relaxation breathing.


If you want to have a fulfilling sexual experience with your partner, maybe it’s time to open up and tell them what you need and want from them. I am not just referring to sexual matters, but to everything you feel is important for your happiness. If you are not happy in other areas of the relationship, you may find it very difficult to have meaningful sex with your partner. Better communication also means a closer and more intimate experience which can greatly improve your emotional and physical closeness. This really is the basis of a great sexual experience with your partner!

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