6 Ways to Help You Quit Smoking

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In terms of health advice, nothing is better at minimizing your risk of health problems than to quit smoking. It is the No. 1 cause of preventable death in the world. In a piece of health news, researchers found that smokers are at additional risk from breathing environmental tobacco smoke. In other words, second-hand smoke. This study flows into six tips on how to quit for good.

The study was performed in Genoa, Italy, where they studied the contribution environmental tobacco smoke made to carcinogen exposure in 15 active smokers. They found that the environmental tobacco smoke may have a significant impact on smokers’ health.

For someone who smokes 14 cigarettes a day, their own second-hand smoke resulted in exposure the equivalent of smoking an extra 2.6 cigarettes. This changes the number of cigarettes someone thinks he or she is smoking each day. And that is not so good.

With this extra little detail thrown onto the pile of negativity that surrounds smoking, here are some tips on kicking the habit.

1. Toss out all cigarettes and ashtrays from your home, car, and work. Set a day you will quit. Don’t allow smoking in your house. Don’t allow yourself a relapse. Tell family and friends that you’re quitting and ask them not to smoke near you.

2. At first, busy yourself with tasks to take your mind off smoking. Also, alter your daily routine. Eat or drink different things, go different places, anything to remove things that will remind you of smoking. Drink lots of water and juice. Reduce stress.

3. Contact local branches of the Lung Association for material on how to quit smoking. Contact area hospitals and health centers may have programs you can join to help ease the transition.

4. The best smokeless tobacco product has been found to be the “patch.” Give it a try if you need to.

5. Studies have found that those under hypnosis abstain from smoking more often than others trying to quit. Try hypnotherapy from a therapist or practice self-hypnosis. Both involve power of suggestion while being in a sort of trance.

6. Lobelia is the best herbal remedy. The flowering herb contains “lobeline” that is used to prevent that smoking urge. It affects the nervous system in a way similar to nicotine, which in a way fulfills the cravings. It’s been studied and found effective in helping those who abuse psychostimulant drugs.