A Delicious Juice That Boosts Your Immunity

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Imagine if a fruit juice could actually boost your health significantly, in much the same way that some drugs are purported to. Wouldn’t drinking a delicious beverage be preferable to swallowing a pill or downing a horrible tasting spoonful of medicine? If you answered “yes,” then read further to find out more.

Researchers at the University of Florida did some pretty interesting investigations recently into T cells.

T cells are one of the two main types of white blood cells in your body that are crucial to the proper functioning of your immune system. This is because these specialized cells are responsible for attacking any invaders, such as toxins or bacteria. They do this in a special way. They bind to the invaders and help remove them from your body. Your body contains millions of T cells that can respond to virtually any antigen.

The Research

Now — back to the study. The research team conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. In the study, 100% grape juice made from Concord grapes or a placebo beverage was consumed by 85 individuals daily for nine weeks.

The participants were asked not to consume other red, blue, and purple fruits during the study. Blood samples, taken at the beginning and the end, were analyzed for T-cell numbers, along with vitamin C, antioxidant capacity, and the ability to protect DNA from strand breaks.

Purple Grape Juice Can Improve Your Immunity

The researchers found that those consuming the grape juice had significantly greater numbers of circulating T cells. They also had higher vitamin C levels compared to the placebo group. The placebo group had lower antioxidant activity, less T-cell proliferation, and increased DNA strand breaks when compared to their grape-juice-drinking counterparts.

The researchers concluded with this health advice: regular consumption of purple grape juice could benefit immunity in healthy, middle-aged human subjects.

Go ahead and do your T cells a favor — add some grape juice to your diet today. You’ll also be boosting your nutritional health by getting an extra dose of vitamin C.