A Possible Mineral Remedy for Queasiness

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indigestionOne of the sources of homeopathic remedies consists of minerals. Here we look at “Antimonium,” both a chemical compound and a mineral, which is excellent at curing symptoms that all revolve around feeling queasy.

This little-known health secret is, in its industrial use, used along with other metals in brass objects, bells, and gold (to make the color stand out). People in the Middle East used “Antimonium” to darken the eyebrows in the form of stibnite to protect the eyes from sunlight. These days, the common place you might encounter “Antimonium” is on the tip of a match, triggering a flame when rubbed against red phosphorus.

Here are the big four areas where this homeopathic cure could help, along with the characteristic symptoms:

1. Nausea, vomiting: Constant nausea interspersed with vomiting. When you belch, it tastes of food recently consumed. Nausea is worse after eating foods high in acid or starch, or after drinking milk. Nausea may involve a headache.

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2. Diarrhea: Another pleasant symptom; it may alternate with constipation. This one hones in on older adults. Some telling features: the watery stools themselves are small lumps. Symptoms are worse when you are really hot or have eaten a large meal.

3. Indigestion: Following the above two is indigestion, which includes belching that tastes of recent food and a bloated stomach that feels either empty or full.

4. Toothache: The pain, spreading to the head, is worse after eating, sleeping, or drinking anything cold. You’re better in fresh air.

As always, consider the profile of this remedy. The closer it is to your personality and symptoms, the more likely it will work. No matter what the problem, you might see certain facial features: sunken eyes; cracked mouth and nostrils; dry lips; and a tongue coated white. One of the primary traits of “Antimonium” is that all symptoms seem to occur after overeating. People who need this remedy tend to be overweight. Their stomachs are weak and they often have stomach complaints. They are sensitive to the sun, and easily overheated and fatigued. Hot weather always makes them feel worse; oddly so does swimming in cold water. There are some behavioral and emotional traits here as well. They have a tendency to be irritable and to sulk. They don’t wish to be touched or spoken to, especially in the midst of any symptoms.