A New Source for Pain Relief

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Aloe vera has now been elevated to the point of being a famous herb. And it carries quite the history. Its well-known leaves have been in continuous use since the days of ancient Egypt. It’s mentioned in the Bible. It was carried by explorers on their ships. Aloe is one of the most common herbal cures of our time and is also used in shampoos and lotions. Many people grow aloe as an attractive houseplant…and cut off a leaf when they need to use it.

It is a herbal medicine, and its greatest-known use is on the skin to help heal a wound. That goes particularly for a recent burn. Crack open a piece of aloe and rub the gel over the skin and that burn may be not as bad as it might have been otherwise.

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In any event, a new study wanted to address this plant’s pain-relieving potential. This went for pain after surgery, pain after having a procedure to remove hemorrhoids, as well as pain after
using the washroom.

It was a good-quality study that compared the effects of a cream containing aloe vera versus a placebo cream on those who recently had hemorrhoid surgery. The creams were applied to the surgical site (by the patients themselves) three times a day for one month after surgery. Pain was assessed right after surgery, at 12, 24, and 48 hours after surgery, then at the end of two and four weeks. The researcher also monitored wound healing after two and four weeks, while taking note of how many painkillers people were taking.

In the study, 49 patients randomly received aloe or placebo. Those in the topical aloe cream group had significantly less postoperative pain at 12, 24, and 48 hours and at two weeks. Not bad! Aloe cream reduced the pain after defecation in 24 and 48 hours post-surgery. And wound healing at the end of the second postoperative week was significantly greater in the aloe group compared with the placebo group. Patients taking aloe also required fewer additional painkillers.

The researchers concluded: “Application of aloe vera cream on the surgical site is effective in reducing postoperative pain both on resting and during defecation, healing time, and (painkiller) requirements. This is great news, and important news, for those who have to deal most troublesomely with the problem of hemorrhoids that is far more common than we’d like to acknowledge.