A Social Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure

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Here’s a great alternative remedy for high pressure — just boost your social status a little. According to researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, upward social mobility appears to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure in people — especially those who were born into poor or disadvantaged situations.

The Swedish researchers looked at health and socioeconomic data collected from 12,000 same-sex twins who were born between 1926 and 1958. They found that high blood pressure was more common among adults with low socioeconomic status. How much higher was the risk? A whopping 42%! There were other factors associated with high blood pressure rates, including: being born to parents with low socioeconomic status, having a low birth weight, being short in stature, weighing more, and drinking more alcohol.

The researchers also found that people with low socioeconomic status who moved up in society reduced their risk of high blood pressure by nearly 20%, compared to those who maintained a lower social status across two generations.

This health news definitely seems to suggest that adults who were born poor or disadvantaged could reduce their risk of high blood pressure by improving their social status.

Here are some tips to improve your social status and keep you on a path that boosts your physical health:

–Learn to communicate effectively with others, make connections and let opportunities happen–Volunteer with a group or business that you respect and this may open the door for a position of employment –It’s been said before, but…think positively! Exude confidence and interest in the things you pursue in life and you will find that good things (including an improved income) will inevitably come your way.