A Tiny Seed That Could Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease

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Perhaps you have never heard of “Salba.” Salba is a tiny seed from the chia plant (Salvia hispanica) that contains a massive amount of nutrition. It was the nutritional foundation of the Aztec diet 3,500 years ago. The Aztecs were renowned for their extraordinary stamina, strength and health. There is a famous anecdote about the Aztec messengers who were said to be able to run all day. Apparently, it was the tiny Salba seed that gave them the energy to do this.

What’s so special about Salba? Well — take a look at this list:

–It has the highest source of omega-3 fatty acids in nature
–It has the highest source of fiber in nature
–It contains abundant amounts of calcium, folate, potassium, magnesium and protein
–It contains all the essential amino acids and antioxidants
–It is superior in nutrition to soy and flax
–It contains 65% of total fat from omega-3s
–It is a high-quality, complete protein
–It is a significant source of other phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals
–It contains 35% fiber

To put this nutrient list into perspective, here’s another way of looking at the amazing nutritional value of this grain: 3 1/2 ounces of Salba contains the same amount of omega-3 fatty acid as 28 ounces of Atlantic salmon, as much calcium as 3 cups of milk, as much fiber as 1 1/4 cups of”All-Bran” cereal, as much iron as 5 cups of raw spinach, as much vegetable protein as 1 1/2 cups of kidney beans, as much potassium as 1 1/2 bananas, and as much vitamin C as seven oranges!

In a clinical trial conducted by Dr. Vladamir Vuksan, Associate Professor, Department of Endocrinology and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Toronto, Salba was tested on patients with Type 2 diabetes. It was found that Salba reduced after-meal blood glucose and plasma insulin levels, improving insulin sensitivity. Salba also reduced blood pressure, and was effective in reducing other risk factors of heart disease, like body inflammation and coagulation factors.

Salba’s high omega-3 content could give you a boost of polyunsaturated fat, too. Polyunsaturated fats are very important to your good health. They are essential fatty acids, which could help protect your heart and other organs, and keep your brain functioning at an optimal level.

Salba can be bought at most health food stores. It is a tiny seed that is whitish-grey in color. Sprinkle salba on cereal in the morning, or add to your favorite salad later in the day. Salba can also be used in many baking recipes, and is especially tasty in breads and healthy cookies.