Adding Seaweed to Your Diet Helps You in Seven Ways

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Try some dried seaweed instead of potato chips.If you don’t want to try seaweed because of what you think it tastes like, you may want to think again. Not only has modern, packaged seaweed become more palatable, but also its health benefits are staggering.

Packaged seaweed has a delicious and delicate taste. It doesn’t really have anything in common with that smelly stuff you see on the beach. Think of seaweed snacks as a sort of healthy alternative to potato chips—they’re crunchy and naturally salty.

But it’s the health benefits that make seaweed worthwhile. A recent clinical trial in the Czech Republic has indicated that seaweed exerts a remarkable collection of health benefits in the body. Here are seven of the most impressive health benefits:

• Boosts immune function

• Fights tumors

• Soothes inflammation

• Helps treat/prevent viral infection

• Helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi

• Stops blood from coagulating

• Helps prevent blood clots

Seaweed is cheap and plentiful and is gaining acceptance as a functional food and an abundant source of many nutrients and dietary fiber. Similarly, freshwater algae are equally healthy.

Seaweed snacks are readily available at most grocery stores and come in a variety of flavors. Try eating seaweed between meals instead of sugary treats.

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Adding Seaweed to Your Diet Helps You in Seven Ways
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