Amazing Discovery About This Superfood

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Amazing Discovery About This SuperfoodOne of the greatest healing foods we know about is fatty fish. Its positive effects on the body are absolute; omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly healthy for the heart and many systems in the body. A new study shows how pregnant women — and, amazingly, their unborn babies as well — derive benefits from a diet that includes fish.

Researchers have demonstrated that the intake of salmon increases omega-3 fatty acid levels and improves antioxidant defenses in expectant mothers and their babies. The salmon used in the study were enriched with omega-3 fats and reared on a fish farm (where most of the salmon consumed in North America comes from).

The amount needed is at least two servings a week. (One “serving” is about the size of a deck of cards.) They found that the fish boosts omega-3 levels in both mother and child. They also found that it improves antioxidant defenses in both, the trigger being selenium and retinol in the salmon.

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The study started with pregnant women who had a low intake of fish. A control group continued with their regular diet, while the others ate two servings of salmon from about 20 weeks pregnant until they gave birth. The fish was omega-3 rich and had high levels of vitamin E, vitamin A, and selenium. These are all antioxidant nutrients.

They found that omega-3 levels improved when pregnant women who did not frequently eat fish ate two servings of salmon weekly. The same results were obtained for the newborns. Two servings let both reach their minimum recommended levels of omega-3s.

As for selenium and retinol, the increased levels might help prevent and reduce the additional oxidative stress associated with pregnancy. This kind of effect is one that can lead to inflammation and some chronic disease.

Omega-3 fats are a very important part of the diet. They are found highest in fatty fish such as salmon, trout, Arctic char, sardines, and mackerel. Everyone should aim for two servings a week. The interesting part of this study is that pregnant women can deliver those benefits to their babies as well.