Your Hard Work Is Paying Off!

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americas getting heart healthyLast week, USA Today reported that hospitalizations and deaths related to heart disease, stroke, heart attacks, and other heart-related problems have dropped substantially in the past 15 years. And with no single breakthrough or blockbuster drug to thank, it seems only fitting to assume that lifestyle choices are playing a major role.

That means that reading newsletters like this and doing your best to educate yourself on preventative techniques can, in fact, save your life. The proof is in the numbers.

With each passing year, more and more Americans just like you are learning that you’re much more responsible for your health than you may have previously thought. Health is about far more than medication and treatment: it’s about taking preventative measures every single day to maintain your health.

From 1999 to 2011, hospitalizations for heart disease and stroke fell by nearly one-third. The number of patients hospitalized with a heart attack fell 38% over the same period, while blood clot-related strokes fell by 34%.

At this point, we know protecting your heart is about far more than quitting smoking and drinking less. It’s also about getting enough exercise, managing your weight, and most importantly, eating a healthy and balanced diet.

There are more tools now than ever before to help you stay informed and live a healthy life, so coming up with excuses about why you can’t start making changes is pointless.

Keep reading material from quality sources like Doctors Health Press to continue learning how to protect your heart. There is so much information about exercise, diet, and living a healthy, natural life that promotes longevity—and it’s there for you to use. Keep informed and proactive, because it’s worth it: your hard work is paying off!

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