Ancient Chinese Remedy Could Soothe Joint Pain

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joint painRheumatoid arthritis is a form of joint pain caused by a faulty immune system. As such, it is difficult to control. In the absence of the ability to cure it, patients strive to find ways to limit the pain. So here are your seven best bets from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

1. “Wang Bi” Granules: There are 18 ingredients in this formula, including cinnamon twigs, pine, anteater scales, and red and white peony. Chinese researchers have found it to have reasonably effective therapeutic value.

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2. “Zheng Qing Feng Tong Ning:” Chinese researchers compared this formula, 40 milligrams (mg) taken three times a day after meals, against a Western drugs for rheumatoid arthritis. Out of 428 patients taking it, 86 got the condition under control, 180 were “significantly improved,” 140 improved, and just 22 had no response to the formula. The herbs were superior in reducing morning
stiffness, joint pain, swelling, and other rheumatoid symptoms to turn to normal.

3. “Tuina” Massage: This is a special type of Chinese massage that uses pressing, tapping, and kneading. In studies, it has been found quite effective in reducing the severity of symptoms.

4. Ginger: A Chinese staple, this herb is effective when your rheumatoid arthritis is caused by coldness. It is a heating herb. Add a pinch of dried ginger or slices of raw root to green tea. Then add dried ginger to your bathwater to try and sweat out the cold. Other good herbs include cinnamon and turmeric — add these to tea.

5. Eight-herb Tea: If rheumatoid arthritis is caused by heat, and you have fever and red swollen joints, try simmering the following herbs for 45 minutes in boiling water and drink many cups a day: honeysuckle, dandelion, viola, plantain, “fu ling,” wild chrysanthemum flower, achyranthes root, and root of muskroot-like semiaquilegia. (If you can’t find them all, just use those you can find.) These are antibiotic herbs that will clear heat and toxins.

6. Acupuncture: This ancient Chinese cure certainly works for painful joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Research has proven it. And acupuncture works especially well when combined with “moxibustion” — heat therapy used simultaneously on the acupoints.

7. “Tripterygium Wilfordii:” Also called “Chinese Thunder God Vine,” its root may help with rheumatoid arthritis. One study found that 40% of people taking 180 mg, and 80% taking 360 mg of ” Tripterygium wilfordii” had significantly reduced symptoms. This included less swelling, reduced pain, and an overall 20% improvement in symptoms. The study concluded that the herb was both effective and tolerable and should be looked at further for its ability against this disease. Another study used an extract of the vine to apply to the skin. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis rubbed the remedy on the affected joints about five times a day. The results showed that, over
six weeks, symptoms were significantly reduced.