Another Cancer-fighting Mushroom Revealed

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Another Cancer-fighting Mushroom RevealedThere are, in this world, potential natural cancer cures. And we are discovering them all the time. Certain properties of one plant, mixed with abilities of a distant herb, may hold the key to killing cancer permanently. Here is another study of another option from the natural cancer prevention landscape.

Researchers in Denmark have explored a mushroom and found that it contains some substances that are toxic toward cancer cells. Many substances found in fungi are today registered as drugs to support chemotherapy treatments for cancer. They include the shiitake mushroom, which is the primary ingredient in a Japanese cancer-fighting drug.

We’ve touched upon the cancer-fighting properties of other mushrooms before, like in the articles A Poisonous Mushroom That Could Kill Cancer and The Cancer-fighting Power of Green Tea and Reishi Mushrooms.

Mushrooms are hallowed ground in Asian folk medicine. A specialist in Chinese medicine is behind the recent discovery of a Danish mushroom with a toxic streak that may be effective in fighting cancer cells. From this mushroom, they are trying to extract a compound that could be used in a medicine.

In Denmark, non-poisonous mushrooms have primarily been used as food. So, breaking new ground, the researcher began to screen poisonous Danish mushrooms to see if any could be used in natural medicine. He discovered one species that is far more toxic to cancer cells than healthy human cells. (That is the opposite, of course, of chemotherapy, which destroys all cells in an area.)

It is a completely new class of natural compounds, which is very significant. When an interesting natural substance is discovered, it must go through a development process. They were able to isolate the mushroom’s active principles and determine their chemical structures.

This is a bit of health news that is forward-looking. It shows there are people out there hungrily searching for natural agents to fight cancer. The mushroom family might indeed be an important place to search. Mushrooms are considered functional foods and have long thought to play unique roles in cancer prevention. Note that mushroom’s species name hasn’t been released to the public yet; so it looks like we have to stay tuned for more news on this possible natural cancer remedy!