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Has joint pain consumed your life?

Have you forgotten the pleasures of moving about freely without suffering?

Are you worried that your pain will get worse?

Are you afraid of prescription painkillers that merely mask the cause of your pain? Are you afraid of the potential side effects that could actually be worse than your current problem?

If so, what I have to tell you could have you jumping for joy.


I’m Victor Marchione, MD. And I’m writing to you today in an effort to help you regain the life that joint pain has stolen from you.

Yes, I bring you, my friend…

…NEWS about glucosamine and chondroitin…

…NEWS about the active ingredients in avocados and soybeans that can be so powerful against pain you’d need a prescription to get them — if you lived in France…

…NEWS about how one of the cheapest spices on earth can help reduce the discomfort of inflammation…

…NEWS about how easily you could temporarily relieve your suffering — the safest way we know possible — by combining the miracles of modern science with the no-longer-mysterious miracles of ancient cultures.

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