Arjuna: The Herbal Secret Boosts Your Heart and More

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Here we have a herbal secret from deep in the Ayurvedic style of medicine originating in ancient India. “Arjuna,” well known in that country, has been the subject of some interesting health research.

Extract from “Terminalia arjuna,” a tree found in India, is believed to boost the heart’s function. Because of this, it’s long been used for virtually all cardiac issues, such as angina, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, edema, and even heart failure.

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Arjuna, which is said to shield your heart from stress and anxiety, is far and away the Ayurvedic herb of choice for preventing and treating heart disease. Those with high cholesterol, take note: arjuna could regulate cholesterol by stopping your body from absorbing it as much.

It’s claimed that arjuna helps virtually all problems of the heart, because it’s said to influence your blood pressure, heart rate, and heartbeat. Let’s look at five specific uses.

  • Angina: This is chest pain caused by a heart that isn’t pumping at full velocity. One study compared arjuna to a standard drug in treating 58 people with angina. It found that the Indian herb reduced painful episodes and boosted the patients’ ability to exercise just as well as the prescription drug did.
  • Heart attack: In 2005, a three-month study was published that tested arjuna in 40 people who had recently suffered heart attacks. It found that the herb did indeed improve heart function and lower chest pain.
  • Asthma: Ayurveda shows that the powdered herb could help treat asthma. For this, you drop a teaspoon of powder in hot water and drink it as tea.
  • Infection: Some studies suggest that arjuna could protect the body against infection. It’s been found to have antimicrobial abilities, which means it fights viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause illness.
  • Bronchitis: Arjuna has shown some ability to relieve cases of bronchitis, a respiratory infection caused by a virus.

You can find “Terminalia arjuna” in supplement form; a typical dose is 500 milligrams two or three times per day. In any event, follow package directions. As mentioned, powdered arjuna can be dissolved in hot water as tea, always a pleasurable way to take medicine.