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Brent Chittenden

Up until the end of 2016, Brent Chittenden had been a freelance researcher and writer, writing about everything from entertainment—including pro wrestling and stand-up comedy—to health and nutrition, to culture and lifestyle. In 2017, he joined the Doctors Health Press full time and couldn’t be happier about it. With a graduate certificate in Radio and Broadcasting, Brent brings extensive experience as a communicator and researcher, adding to the many talented health authorities and professionals on whose expertise Doctors Health Press readers rely.

Brent is excited to be delving deeper into the world of alternative and natural health. He feels that good health is a work in progress. Brent is targeting his own health goals by doing cardio and weight training three times a week, working on meal portion control, and replacing processed, junk food with fresh and whole food options.

When he isn’t sitting at his keyboard, you can usually find him at the movies, with his nose deep in a good book, or digging into the latest breakthroughs in the health industry.

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