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Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro, MD

After receiving athletic and academic awards at Yale and Stanford, Jeff has coached those seeking peak wellness, appeared on ABC News 20/20 and served as a consultant for CBS News 60 Minutes and The Late Show with David Letterman. As the author of many research studies and practicing anesthesiology/critical care medicine for more than 20 years, Jeff can be your guide to common sense decision making regarding drugs, supplements and vitamins.

With no corporate sponsors and no vitamins or supplements to sell, Jeff can tell the truth regarding marketing versus science.

Jeff’s states: “my personal and selfish reason for speaking is that if I can convince a single person to make a healthier choice, it makes my day job (in the operating room) easier.”

As the editor of The Vitamin Doctor, Dr. Shapiro uses this same “marketing versus science” approach to give you the straight facts on the vitamins and supplements you may be taking daily.

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