Tips to Improve Your Thinking Skills

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Do you ever have trouble focusing on a task or even thinking clearly for that matter? How about one of those days when you are doing things and then all of a sudden your brain seems to skip a beat and you suddenly you forget what you were up to? It is almost as though your brain has stopped working for a moment.

 This is not the beginning of a problem, but more often a sign that you are so stressed out that your brain needs to take a breather for a minute or two.

 Unfortunately, your mind probably seems to do this at the most inopportune times! There are ways, however, to improve your thinking and to keep your brain functioning in top shape.

 First, do not expect to remember everything — this only causes further cognitive overload. In order to reduce this overload, you can start writing things down. Figure out a system that works for you, but make notes. If you have an appointment at 3 p.m. on a Friday, then mark it down — do not try and remember everything. Not to mention, when you write things down, you are actually more likely to remember them.

 When someone is speaking to you, listen. If you are in a meeting, make notes. The more you concentrate or focus on the task at hand the less likely it is that you will forget things.

 You see, often what happens is that we think about a hundred things at a time and then end up forgetting everything. However, if you focus on one thing at a time, then you will be more likely to recall all the events and tasks.

 When you want to remember something, just relate it to something else. For example, if you are trying to remember someone’s name, relate it to someone else you already know or a past memory you already have of that person.

 Associating yourself with intelligent people will also keep your mind active and in top shape. The same goes for working in a profession where you are required to use your mind frequently.

 Change your activities often and tap into your creativity. If you do the same thing day in and day out, your mind is going to shut down. Learn new things, be creative, and always try new things. These habits will keep your mind active. Staying physically active will also benefit your mind. When your body is in top shape, your mind will be, too.

 Each of us work differently, so the best way to keep your brain working when you need it to, is to figure out when it works at its best. For some people, this is in the morning, for others, it is late afternoon. Leave your most cognitively oriented tasks to when your brain is at its most active peak. And don’t forget that when you realize your brain is getting a little tired, take a break — both you and your brain need it.

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