Breakthrough in the World of Vision Health

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Vision HealthAge-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of age-related blindness. What used to be health secrets aren’t so secretive any more: natural medicine offers valuable protection against AMD. Now, for the time ever, researchers report that an oral nutraceutical may rapidly restore vision to otherwise hopeless patients who face permanent loss.

For serious cases, patients often receive medicine injected into their eye (sounds nice, huh?). But this is not foolproof  and may not be effective. Researchers say about one in six patients experience permanent vision loss despite the injected medicine. Others wish not to take such an approach.

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Researchers presented three unique cases to a vision conference inFlorida recently.

One was an 88-year-old woman deemed beyond the help of conventional medicines or surgery. The nutraceutical helped this hospitalized woman regain her ability to see faces, read a menu, and read her handwriting in just four days.

One was a 75-year-old man with failing vision. He experienced recovery of vision in five days and was able to renew his driver’s license after taking just seven nutraceutical capsules.

In all, the researchers have found that 16 of the first 17 cases responded positively, with no side effects. They found that blind spots disappear, time to recover from bright light is reduced, and contrast vision (shades of grey) as well as visual acuity (ability to see letters on a chart) generally improve within three to six weeks of taking the supplement. The retinal tissues appear more youthful and
there is better circulation around the eyes.

Importantly, these studies were done on “wet” AMD, a disorder where abnormal blood vessels invade the center (macula) of the eyes. There are drugs injected into the eye, which are considered miracle drugs. But repeated injections are needed every two months or so. Research shows that perhaps this special supplement could be the answer.

The nutraceutical was a mix of vitamins and small herbal molecules, called “Longevinex.” While it can’t fully replace injections, it might be a very inexpensive and effective way to protect against complete vision loss. Longevinex is non-prescription and directly available to patients. You should still consult your physicians before using it. Note that this study was done by pharmaceutical company, not independent researchers.

Make no mistake; there is new-found hope for recovery of  lost vision. AMD does not have to win in the end.