Broccoli vs. Cauliflower, The Cruciferous Vegetables Smackdown

Broccoli vs Cauliflower

As part of our new and exciting series ‘The Food Doctor’s Foods Smackdown’ we bring you the prestigious Cruciferous Veggies Cup Semi-Final.

In the green corner, the fast rising exciting new talent, Broccoli – Brassica oleracea var. italica

In the white corner, the ever dependable contender, Cauliflower – Brassica oleracea

The Weigh in round – 100 grams of pure vegetables

Weigh in done and let’s see the fitter between two–

Broccoli – 0.4 g fat
Cauliflower – 0.3 g fat

Cauliflower looks to be the more lean and mean than broccoli and has the edge.

Score: Broccoli – 0, Cauliflower – 1

And so it begins, the much awaited contest to start our veggie showdown brought to you by none other than the famous Food Doctor.

Round 1 – The Proteins Round

This is a round of strength and muscle building ability. At 2.8 grams, Broccoli has made a great start, what about Cauli, how’s it doing. Cauliflower comes in at 1.9 grams. That’s a win for Broccoli and an emphatic one at that.

Score: Broccoli – 1, Cauliflower – 0

Round 2 – The Carbs Round

This round shows who puts in a quick burst of energy. Both veggies are now locked even and it’s a tense affair. As they circle each other and try to gauge weakness and opportunity, the audience sites tense with anticipation. Broccoli again makes the first move and clocks in the carbs at 7 grams. Cauliflower does not like being second and throws in a quick carb score. It’s a miss as Cauli gets only 5 grams. The disappointment is obvious.

Score: Broccoli – 1, Cauliflower – 0

Round 3 – The Vitamin Round

Both look exhausted from all that effort, now an extra burst of vitamins is what will make a difference here. This is going to be a fast round with lots of rapid punches. Let’s see how it goes

  • Vitamin A –Broccoli moves fast forward and hits the vitamin A punch of 623 IU (International Units). Cauliflower gets no time to make his move and remains on 0 here.
  • Vitamin C – Broccoli continues to dominate Cauli with 89.2 mg of vitamin C, and now cauliflower has found its first kick in vitamins round, with 51.6 mg of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin K – Broccoli takes a lead with 101.6 micrograms of vitamin K, and cauliflower has somehow managed to reach 15.5 micrograms.

The winner of the vitamin round is none other than broccoli.

The judges are in a daze and the stats guys are scratching their heads furiously. But finally the count is in for this round. And this is really a big boost for…

Broccoli, who pulls in 3 of 3, so the result is…

Score: Broccoli – 1, Cauliflower – 0

The final round – All Those Minerals

Both fighters are almost ready to drop, but this is going to be the ‘make or break’ round. If you do not last, you’d lose. So this one is faster, but shorter so cauliflower has a chance to close the gap and hope Broccoli drops from sheer exhaustion.

There goes the bell and both rush at each other, desperate for that one last finishing punch. It’s a do-or-die situation right now. Both are throwing in those punches and it’s amazing how far these guys will go to get that cup.

Ting Ting– There goes the finishing bell, Broccoli is still standing and so is Cauliflower. This one was close, but the judges give the edge to the younger Broccoli and Cauli can hardly hold back the tears.

Score: Broccoli – 1, Cauliflower – 0

So the final score is – Broccoli 4, Cauliflower 1

This was unbelievable; the newcomer has stopped the evergreen contender and now is through to the final of the Cruciferous veggies cup. Broccoli now awaits the winner of our next two cruciferous contenders. Who are they? Wait to find out next week at the Food Doctors Food Smackdown.

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