Can the MIND Diet Improve an Aging Mind?

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MIND diet newsResearchers at Rush University in Chicago have recently evaluated numerous studies to determine the ideal combination of foods to prevent cognitive decline.

By combining aspects of the Mediterranean Diet and the DASH (Dietary Approach to Systolic Hypertension) diet— researchers came up with the MIND diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay)—a diet that could help slow the cognitive decline that occurs with aging.

The study extracted dietary information from 960 participants in the Memory and Aging Project, which evaluated changes in cognition over an approximate five-year period.

Participants with higher scores, adhering to the MIND diet, had slower cognitive decline. In fact, those with the highest scores compared to the lowest, were found to be an equivalent of 7.5 years younger in age.

Researchers conclude that people should incorporate more natural plant-based foods into their diets, specifically green leafy vegetables (which can slow cognitive decline) and berries (which can help improve memory).

The MIND diet also emphasizes consumption of dairy and fish products and focuses on limiting foods high in saturated fats, including meat products, butter, margarine sticks, whole fat cheese, pastries, sweets and fried or fast foods.

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