Can This New Technique Help Solve Mental Issues?

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New Technique Help Solve Mental IssuesIn some ways, mental health issues can be more worrisome than physical ailments. It can be a real challenge to get through each day during times of mental distress and emotional hardship. But the good health news in all of this is that mental health issues often resolve themselves with a little bit of support.

One of the best forms of support comes in the form of therapy. But what if you’re unable to visit a clinic? Perhaps you live outside of the city in a rural area and the trip is too far? Or it may be simply that you can’t get to a clinic, even if you live near one, because you have mobility or other issues that prevent you from going.

Well, here’s some health news for you: try teletherapy. Technology now allows patients to participate in therapy sessions via videoconferencing. The only thing missing is physically sitting in the therapist’s office. But you may be wondering, how effective is teletherapy? Does it work just as well as “in-person” therapy?

One recent study looked at the effectiveness of a two-session telepsychiatry consultation, consisting of a psychiatric evaluation session and a recommendation session, with patients located remotely in rural Georgia. Fifteen consultations with children aged four to 18 years with varying diagnoses were completed. Researchers found that parental satisfaction with the telepsychiatry consultation was high, and that children were assisted in improving their mental health.

Another older study randomly assigned outpatients at a psychiatry clinic to be examined face to face or by telepsychiatry. A total of 495 patients in Ontario, Canada, referred by their family physician for psychiatric consultation participated in the study.

The research team found that psychiatric consultation and follow-up delivered by telepsychiatry produced clinical outcomes that were equivalent to those achieved when the service was provided face to face.

If you would like to get some help to sort out some mental health issues and can’t see yourself making it to a clinic, teletherapy may be the way to go. Get your doctor’s advice about how to hook up with the service.

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