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During the summer months many of us take part in a number of outdoor activities. Golfing tends to top the list of summer activities, what with the number of retirees out hitting a few and the copious amounts of business meetings that take place on the links.

 Lawn bowling, horseshoes, croquet, shuffleboard, badminton, ping-pong, and afternoon tea are all best experienced out of doors during the warm summer weather. Since many of us only have a few more months to spend outside, we seem to take advantage of it even more. However, with the increasing number of people being diagnosed with skin cancer, you must take preventative measures when stepping outside to ensure that you do not become yet another statistic.

 Often, we step outside and figure that if it is an overcast day or the sun is not too hot then there is no chance of tanning or burning. This is not the case. Even in the middle of winter the sun’s rays can cause damage.

 Dermatologists recommend that you wear sunscreen any time you are out of doors. In fact, recently there has been mention that even when you are sitting in your car the rays can be absorbed into your skin.

 The best rule of thumb to keep in mind is that any time you are going to leave your home, you should apply sunscreen to any area of your body that is not covered by clothing. Applying a face cream with sunscreen immediately after washing your face, for example, is a good way to remind yourself about sun protection.

 Wear a hat. Not only will this protect your scalp but it will cover your face as well. Often we set foot onto a golf course and never think to wear a hat. However, outdoor athletes are at a high risk of developing skin cancer and covering up is a good way to prevent the disease.

 Many of us did not know that when we were younger the sun’s rays could cause problems later on in our lives. Unfortunately, dermatologists are now seeing the effects of a lifetime of outdoor activities in their patients. The chance of developing skin cancer is not limited to those who lie in the sun all day. Those of us playing outside are at risk as well. Even Major League Baseball managers are finally realizing the effects of being outside all day and are now scheduling routine checkups for their players.

 The next time you are enjoying an afternoon game of shuffleboard or golf, remember to pack your hat, your umbrella, and your sunscreen. All of these things will help protect your skin from further sun damage. Remember–it is never too late to play safe.

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