Cancer-Fighting Supplement Sales Soar

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In the June 11 edition of eHealth, Jeff told you about the latest study on vitamin D. The study concluded that participants taking regular vitamin D supplements showed dramatically lower rates of all types of cancer.

 Since then, vitamin makers have reported a huge boom in sales, as many people have rushed out to pick up a bottle or two of the newest wonder supplement.

 I think it’s great that supplements are being recognized as being so beneficial to your health; and that consumers like you are listening.

 Vitamin D is known to be the least expensive vitamin on the market — costing on average $5 for a bottle. And maybe that’s part of why sales have jumped so high, so quickly. But I urge you to remember, this is your health we’re talking about.

 There are very few people I know who don’t have at least one family member who has been touched by some form of cancer. And with so many risk-factors involved with cancer it’s almost impossible to know whether you will or will not suffer from it in your lifetime.

 So how do you put a cost on decreasing those risks? You can’t!

 When you look at buying a vitamin D supplement, remember that the recommended daily dose is 1,000 IU. So read the label carefully — how much is in each capsule? How many capsules will you need to take in a day?

 In the meantime, I’m going to get back to the lab and see what I can do to bring you the best vitamin D supplement available — from a name you know and trust!