Read latest information on Osteoporosis. Find comprehensive overview that covers risk factors, treatment, prevention of this condition of weakened bones.

What Causes a Hunchback (Kyphosis)? Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Tips
Credit: iStock.com/stockdevil When you hear the term hunchback, perhaps your mind wanders to the 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by famed author Victor Hugo or the animated Walt Disney film of the same title featuring the fictional character ... Read More
Osteoporosis Linked to Loss of Hearing?
It’s a well-known fact that osteoporosis can cause the bones to weaken and deteriorate—sufferers are constantly on the lookout to prevent slips and falls that can lead to serious fractures. Now osteoporosis sufferers have to pay close attention t... Read More
Why Today Is the Perfect Day for a Walk and Some Vitamin D
Every day I enjoy taking a walk throughout my neighborhood, especially on a sunny day. However, during this time of year, my walks become a little cooler and there’s less sunshine outside. But when I stroll through my neighborhood on October 20, I ... Read More
A Beer Belly Could Lead to Osteoporosis
While deep belly fat has long been associated with poor cardiovascular health and diabetes, researchers have recently indicated that it is also a risk factor for bone loss and reduced bone strength—in men. Until recently, men—especially obese men... Read More
What Habit You Should Consider Quitting to Avoid Bone Loss
Drinking coffee seems to have many health benefits, but there could also be some negative effects on your bone health. Let’s check this concern out. It has long been known that caffeine from coffee or tea can lead to calcium loss in the body. I... Read More
This Plant Could Protect Against Bone Loss
Devil’s backbone is a perennial plant of the grape family. It contains a rich source of carotenoids, triterpenoids and ascorbic acid. These compounds have been found to be beneficial to bone health, helping to stave off bone loss and facilitati... Read More
Algae That Could Lower Risk for Osteoporosis and Reduce Blood Sugar
In a recent clinical trial, researchers wanted to investigate the effectiveness of spirulina against the onset of osteoporosis and to see whether or not this latest so-called “superfood” could help in the treatment of high blood sugar (... Read More
Vitamin D and Osteoporosis
International experts on medicine are weighing in on what we should all be aiming for: to treat and prevent osteoporosis. The targets: calcium and vitamin D. With the widespread implications of this bone-weakening disease, we would do well to all kno... Read More
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