Lung Cancer

Natural cancer treatments are highly effective even for advanced cancer patients. Read more about lung cancer and natural treatments to prevent lung cancer.

Lung Nodules: What Are the Causes and How Serious Are They?
You’ve gotten the results back from your tests, and you’ve been told that you have lung nodules. It can be an incredibly scary moment. There is a spot on your lung, and you’re not sure what that means. Are lung nodules serious? Are lung nodules... Read More
More Motivation to Help You Quit Smoking
If you smoke, you’re probably already looking for a way to quit. While the evidence that smoking is harmful has taken on mountainous proportions, many people can’t seem to shake the habit. To get a better idea of how and why people quit, a new st... Read More
The Drink That Could Fight Lung Cancer
In part three of my look at green tea’s powers, we’ll address the evidence for its use against lung and ovarian cancers. Ovarian Cancer A population study in China involved 254 patients with ovarian cancer and 652 healthy people. It showed th... Read More
Why It’s Tougher to Quit Menthols
Menthol cigarettes have been a hot topic in health news as of late. It seems that the U.S. government is about to make a decision about whether or not to ban menthol in cigarettes. In Canada, cigarillos and flavored cigarettes are already banned. The... Read More
The Many Health Powers of Inositol, Part 6
In the final article on the natural supplement inositol, I examine the evidence as to whether it can help treat impotence, lung cancer, and psoriasis. Three big-time conditions indeed. Impotence affects over 20 million men in the U.S. Multiple factor... Read More
A Breakthrough in Detecting Lung Cancer Earlier
A health breakthrough in the field of cancer prevention is currently underway in Germany. It is specifically for lung cancer, the world’s most fatal tumor. The foundation is being laid for detecting lung cancer earlier, which would improve the ... Read More
Can organic local produce help fight cancer?
Adding a variety of vegetables to one’s diet could help lower your risk of lung cancer, according to a new study. It also found that adding a variety of fruits and vegetables may decrease the risk of squamous cell lung cancer — especially... Read More
The Argument Against Shark Cartilage
Found ineffective in the past for use in health conditions, shark cartilage has again struck out, showing no benefit as a therapeutic agent for lung cancer. File this story in the "where-not-to-spend-your-money" bin.... Read More
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