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Gut Bacteria: Top 5 Foods for a Healthy Digestive System
It’s amazing how much has changed in understanding the inner workings of the human body over the last few years. And with every passing day, there are new discoveries about your gut, particularly the billions of microbiota or gut bacteria that cal... Read More
Helicobacter Pylori Diet: Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid
Helicobacter pylori, or H. pylori for short, is a bacteria that attacks your stomach lining and leads to 90% of duodenal ulcers and 80% of gastric ulcers.... Read More
500-Calorie Breakfast: How It Can Make or Break Your Day
I couldn’t agree more with the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism revving and has the ability to regulate your appetite so those late-morning and afternoon cravings don’t turn into bad snacking. I... Read More
Health Benefits of Ginger Tea: Nutrition Facts and Healthy Recipes to Try
There are a number of products that always come up when you talk about natural remedies. For example, ginger has been a mainstay in natural treatments and recipes for centuries. But what about ginger tea? Sure, it’s got ginger in it, but do the hea... Read More
Sustainable Weight Loss: Why Your Diet Isn’t Working
Everybody, at some point, has attempted a diet, and you’ve probably asked yourself why it isn’t working. Whether you’re trying to knock off a quick 10 pounds before a vacation, fit into a new outfit, or improve your overall health, diets are th... Read More
Veganism: 4 Reasons Why Some Do Well as Vegans While Others Fail
In regards to how a person eats, it is important to understand that everyone is different, and your diet or lifestyle is likely not right for everyone. Take veganism for example. A plant-based vegan diet will not include anything from an animal. Like... Read More
Summer Diet: 4 Power-Packed Foods to Keep You Feeling Great
Summer is just around the corner! And that means it’s almost time for warmer temperatures, fresh food, and some great outdoor time with family and friends. And to get the most enjoyment out of all that stuff—and the other activities and adventure... Read More
Dieting and Weight Loss: Do You Need to Cut Carbs and Fat?
Dieting is everybody’s favorite topic. You have low-carb, no-carb, low-fat, high-fat, no-fat. And, then you’ve got flexible dieting, Atkins, Paleo, and South Beach. I’m sure there are some strategies I’ve forgotten, but it doesn’t matter be... Read More
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