Health Breakthroughs

Resistance Training: The Secret to Reverse Age-Related Memory Loss?
When I look around my gym, I see all types of people. There are teenagers trying to put some muscle on their skinny frames, right up to senior citizens working on strength and mobility with resistance training exercises. But for the most part, what I... Read More
Food Cravings Are So Hard to Resist…But Why?
Is it possible that both you and I have genetic conditions that pull us toward sugary, fatty foods? Or perhaps our bodies are simply conditioned to go after calorically dense foods? Are our loving parents or ancestors to blame for our food cravings? ... Read More
Medical Breakthrough: Vaccine Ends Patient’s Decade-Long Battle with Cancer?
As you read this, there are countless scientific and medical studies being conducted. Research teams around the globe are testing new ways to treat cancer, diabetes, headaches, and so much more. There are scientists doing things you may have never ev... Read More
Doctors Now One Step Closer to Preventing Parkinson’s
Researchers have made a major discovery into one of the most physically taxing and misunderstood diseases facing Americans and people around the world. Since its discovery, Parkinson’s disease has baffled most doctors. There is no cure for the cond... Read More