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Bacteria in Processed Foods May Be Responsible for Heart Disease
Prevalence rates of many chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease have consistently been on the rise. Public health messages have always focused on the nutrient quality of diet. However, a study recently published in Nutrition, Meta... Read More
Chaotic Environments May or May Not Lead to Overindulging, Depending on Your Mindset
Many of us are unfortunately too familiar with the dangerous habit of stress eating. Whether you are a parent coming home from a long day at the office and having to now tackle household management or a student who is working part-time while balancin... Read More
Birth Defects Potentially Caused by Zika Virus Continue to Plague Brazil
The number of infants born with microcephaly (abnormally small heads) in Brazil, believed to be caused by an outbreak of the Zika virus, continues to escalate. Brazil’s health ministry reports that there have been approximately 3,893 microcephaly c... Read More
Facial Hair May Be Cleaner Than You Think (and Good for Your Health)
Beards have sometimes been regarded as dirty or unhygienic, but a new study suggests that they may actually be more hygienic than clean-shaven skin. Despite their popularity, beards have been criticized by some as being dirty. Beards have been though... Read More
‘Feces’ Pill May Help Combat Obesity, Research Shows
There have been many different types of weight loss treatments over the years, but now doctors believe that taking pills containing fecal matter could be a cure for obesity. Taking pills containing freeze-dried fecal matter would gross many people ou... Read More
Some Flavored E-Cigarettes Can Cause Fatal “Popcorn Lung”
Urgent regulatory action is being called for by a group of Harvard University scientists who have found that lung-destroying chemicals are commonplace in e-cigarettes, even if the label says otherwise. The chemical in question is called “diacet... Read More
Type 2 Diabetes Connected to Fat Deposits in Pancreas, Study Finds
Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. The condition is caused when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin and the body cannot use the insulin it makes. The blood normally uses glucose for energy; however, glucose builds up instea... Read More
Seaweed Can Help Lower Cardiovascular Disease, Say Researchers
In a new study published in the journal Phycologia, researchers suggest that adding seaweed to processed foods, such as dried pasta, hot dogs, and frozen pizzas, may help reduce cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease, or heart disease, is the... Read More
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