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Bacteria in Processed Foods May Be Responsible for Heart Disease
Chaotic Environments May or May Not Lead to Overindulging, Depending on Your Mindset
Birth Defects Potentially Caused by Zika Virus Continue to Plague Brazil
Facial Hair May Be Cleaner Than You Think (and Good for Your Health)
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‘Feces’ Pill May Help Combat Obesity, Research Shows
Some Flavored E-Cigarettes Can Cause Fatal “Popcorn Lung”
Type 2 Diabetes Connected to Fat Deposits in Pancreas, Study Finds
Seaweed Can Help Lower Cardiovascular Disease, Say Researchers
Zika Virus Strikes Fear in South America and Caribbean
High-Potassium Intake May Reduce Risks of Kidney and Heart Disease in Diabetics
New Vaccine May Prevent High Cholesterol
New Test Very Effective for Screening Prostate Cancer