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Forehead Wrinkles: How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Forehead Naturally
We all will have them at some point—forehead wrinkles. Whether it is from the damaging rays of the sun or family genetics, wrinkles are part of the aging process, especially on the face and forehead. While we may not be able to stop the frown lines... Read More
Cysts on Inner Thigh: Causes and Home Remedies
You might not think that you could develop a cyst on the inner thigh, but it happens. An inner thigh cyst can be uncomfortable because of the related pain, sheer size (they can grow quite large), and the close-to-the-groin location. Unlike acne, an i... Read More
Using Lemon Juice for Acne Scar Treatment
Did you know that lemon juice has benefits for acne and scars? It’s a terrific alternative to the harsh chemicals often used when treating both. Acne is the most common skin problem faced by teenagers and adults alike, and no matter the age everyo... Read More
How to Remove Cherry Angiomas and Red Moles
A “red mole”, also called a cherry angioma, is a small, bright red growth on the skin. Red moles tend to be circular in shape and can appear as raised mounds or blend in smooth and evenly with the skin. As the color suggests, if you scrat... Read More
Three Natural Home Remedies for Skin Rashes
The other day my sister came to me and asked if I knew of any natural remedies for a skin rash. A red rash had surrounded her right cheek and she was looking for a way to treat it immediately. Luckily for her, this is something I know a lot about. I ... Read More
Four Foods for Naturally Healthy Skin
Skin care is big business. This year, the industry is projected to generate more than $100 billion, largely fueled by people trying to delay the visual effects of aging. There are so many products to keep skin moisturized, firm, wrinkle-free, and glo... Read More
How Kim Kardashian Erased Her Pregnancy-Related Stretch Marks
While scars and stretch marks are common and most people have at least one, they are incredibly difficult to treat. Plus, stretch marks, in particular, affect up to 90% of women during and after pregnancy. Now, getting rid of stretch marks and restor... Read More
10 Tips for an Anti-Aging Skin Care Plan
 The anti-aging skin care market is now a multi-billion dollar business. Wrinkle creams, eye serums, facial masks, and other products aimed at beautifying your skin are now available everywhere. Gone are the days when these items were found only in ... Read More
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