How Your Cell Phone May Be Increasing Your Cancer Risk

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Cell Phones and Cancer RiskIn 1973, Martin Cooper helped develop the very first cell phone—the Motorola “DynaTAC 8000x.” Cooper even made the first mobile phone call on April 3, 1973. I doubt he knew then about the health dangers that may be associated with this new device and that it may even cause cancer.

Use of Cell Phones on the Rise

Technology has come a long way since that historic phone call. Today, 90% of the American adult population owns a cell phone.

However, a cell phone is not a handheld device used to just talk to someone anymore. Most phones now allow you to schedule meetings, pay your bills, set alarms and reminders, check your e-mail, play games, browse the Internet, and connect with friends and family through videos, images, text messages, and social media applications. Some smartphones even talk to you, with intelligent personal assistants like “Siri” built into many devices. All of this can be done in the palm of your hand.

Face-to-face human interaction is also on the decline due to this growing obsession with our electronic devices. For instance, on my morning subway commute to work the other day, everyone was staring down at an electronic device or cell phone. In fact, according to Pew Research, 67% of cell phone users constantly check for missed calls, alerts, or messages. The data also found that 29% couldn’t imagine living without their cell phone.

But what if I told you that the one thing you couldn’t live without, may lead to the development of cancer, especially brain tumors? Mr. Cooper’s groundbreaking and innovative invention has led many to suspect that cell phone use may cause brain cancer.

Multiple Studies Connect Cell Phones and Cancer

We know cell phones emit microwave radio-frequency radiation, which is a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Some researchers believe non-ionizing rays cannot lead to cancer. However, let’s take a closer look at some of the evidence…

Cell phone radiation studies are mostly connected to two brain tumor types. Gliomas, the first type, are considered very deadly, and after diagnosis, many patients with gliomas only survive for one to three years. The second type is acoustic neuromas. They are considered low-grade cancers, but are also life-threatening tumors.

In one study, the Hardell Research Group found a consistent correlation between cell phones and an increase in gliomas and acoustic neuromas. The research also found that cordless phones increased the risk of acoustic neuromas and gliomas. The study authors also noted that current cell phone radiation safety limits are inadequate for public health standards and public health protection.

In addition, a meta-analysis in 2009 found that cell phone use for a 10-year period or greater was associated with tumor risk in 13 of 23 case-control studies.

Other Cancers That May Be Caused by Cell Phone Radiation

What other cancers are you at greater risk of as a result of your cell phone use?

When your cell phone is placed against your ear, your thyroid gland is also exposed to radiation. An Israeli preliminary 2013 study subjected human thyroid cells from healthy patients to a stimulated radiation device similar to a cell phone. The irradiated thyroid cells proliferated at a higher rate than the non-irradiated cells in response to the EMF radiation. This suggests that the radiation device increases risk of thyroid cancer.

Other evidence also links cell phone use to stem cell cancer, oral cancer, parotid gland cancer, melanoma risk, pituitary gland cancer, lymph node cancer, multifocal breast cancer, eye cancer, and leukemia.

It is also important to note that cancer does not pop up overnight; most tumors take years to form.

Other Harmful EMF Radiation Effects

Cancer risk is not the only concern with cell phones and your health. It only begins to crack the surface. Every single cell phone on the planet creates physical and emotional stress on your body and mind.

Common problems caused by microwave radio-frequency radiation from cell phones may include the following:

Common Health Problems Caused by EMF Radiation

Insomnia Headaches Dizziness
Adrenal fatigue Memory Loss Tinnitus
Vascular system disease Irritability Heart attacks
Bone marrow interference DNA damage Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Hearing problems Autism Skin issues
Arthritis Immune system suppression Rheumatism
Lymphatic diseases Miscarriages Arrhythmia
Concentration problems Suicidal tendencies Infertility


 How to Cut Back on Cell Phone Use and Limit Its Effects

Are you concerned about your cell phone and EMF radiation exposure? Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take to cut down on your cell phone use and limit its negative effects. Here are just a few tips to get you started:

  • Limit cell phone usage to emergencies, and keep calls short.
  • When possible, send a text message rather than making a phone call to avoid device-to-face contact.
  • Avoid all skin contact when you carry your phone. I cringe whenever I see a woman pull a cell phone out of her bra. Any bag or purse is a good option in which to store your phone when not in use.
  • Avoid sleeping with your phone near you. Before bed, turn the device off and leave it outside your bedroom.
  • Give your body a break and unplug from technology on a regular basis. Yoga classes and nature walks are perfect diversions from this technology-driven world.
  • Consider looking into EMF protection products, which may help neutralize harmful EMF radiation from cell phones.

For more information on the dangers of EMF radiation-emitting devices, also read: How Your Cell Phone Could Be Threatening Your Health

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