Chamomile: Not Just a Soothing Tea

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food cureChamomile is best known as a food cure when consumed in tea form. It is said to soothe the stomach, help you sleep better and calm the nerves. But no plant remedy transcends the disciplines of herbal medicine and homeopathy more obviously than chamomile. The homeopathic remedy based on this herb, “Chamomilla,” could be great for moodiness, pain in the teeth or ears, fever, and diarrhea.

Chamomile is named for the Greek word for “earth apple.” In the past, it was advocated for strengthening a woman’s uterus, for treating skin problems when used as a cream, for treating tuberculosis, and as a remedy for opium poisoning. If you drink too much chamomile tea, it can bring on the symptoms (insomnia, moodiness) that it is supposed to cure.

The Chamomilla remedy is made from the whole flower, in bloom, and it’s great for people who are very sensitive to pain. Here is what it treats best:

1. Irritability: Some people are moody for no reason. They are overly sensitive to pain, hostile, and angry. It’s better when sweating and worse when being touched or spoken down to.

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2. Tooth, ear symptoms: Looped together because of their equally unbearable pains, earaches and toothaches can be helped with Chamomilla. For teeth, the cheeks are red and hot or pale and cold, and sleep is very restless. Diarrhea could be present. The pressing pain of earaches is worse in windy weather or when bending down.

3. Fever: You feel hot, usually on one side. You’re thirsty and shivering. Symptoms are worse in mid-morning. Anger may have triggered it.

4. Diarrhea: Pain in the abdomen; diarrhea may be green and smell of spoiled eggs.

5. Other: Menstrual and labor pain, vomiting, flatulence, insomnia — most stemming from pain and/or anger.

Chamomilla could be right for you if you tend to be oversensitive to pain. Your face goes red, your skin is sweaty, your teeth hurt — and coffee or tea can bring it all on. You tend to want something, but then reject it right after.

Symptoms are worse with anger, cold, coffee, and the nighttime. They are better when sweating and when rocking your body like a baby. Emotionally, a person who needs this remedy tends to be very irritable, angry from pain, depressed, impatient, stubborn, and sensitive.