Chewing Could Be the Key to Improved Health

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

Chewing may be as important as what you eatYou’ve probably been told that chewing your food at least 25 times is the healthy way to eat. Don’t discount it; there’s clinical evidence that indicates chewing food more thoroughly is healthier.

The act of chewing sparks healthy physiological reactions in your body. And, it makes you savor each meal, taste it better, digest it more smoothly, and avoid overeating.

Here are the top five benefits for those who chew well:

1) Smoother digestion: Food is already being digested while you chew. Our saliva has enzymes that start this process, which in turn, readies the enzymes in your digestive tract for the impending food.

2) Improved absorption: By chewing well, you are helping your body extract the nutrients and energy it needs from the food. Chewing helps transform grains and other sources of carbohydrates into sugars your body needs for energy. It also renders protein, vitamins, minerals, and oils available for optimal absorption. This leads to a better energy level, better health, and a reduced risk of diabetes, obesity, and other conditions sparked by troublesome digestion.

3) Calmed nerves: Chewing slowly can be like meditation. It makes you very relaxed and very aware. And, this results in a calm nervous system, which is good for a bundle of reasons. If you feel stressed or pressured, try to reverse it at mealtime by chewing slowly—even closing your eyes while chewing can calm your nerves while also heightening your taste experience. Better-chewed food means less work for your stomach and more blood flow to the brain.

4) Improved taste: If you chew healthy foods well, such as whole grains and vegetables, they become sweeter and tastier. Chewing slowly, keeping the piece of food in your mouth for a little longer, lets the tastes linger and sink in. And, because you are relaxed, you are able to enjoy the entire spectrum of tastes and aromas.

5) Stronger immune system: Chewing well immediately breaks down toxins, alkalizes food, and boosts your blood circulation. All of this primes your immune system, strengthening it.

Defining prospering chewing varies. If you want to feel healthy and gain maximum nutrition from the food you eat, you would be well-advised to chew each bite somewhere between 30 and 50 times. You’ll only have to concentrate on these numbers for as long as it takes you to establish a habit of chewing thoroughly.