Conquer Your Peanut Allergy with the Help of a Chinese Herb Blend

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Having an allergy to peanuts can alter a person’s life. Some people have such severe allergies to peanuts that they can’t even be in a room where there are fumes from an open peanut product present without suffering from a reaction. It’s so serious that people with this allergy must always carry an epinephrine injector just in case they eat something that contains peanuts.

 Scientists have long been seeking a way to prevent serious allergic reactions to peanuts and limit the damage that the condition can do. Now it appears that researchers may have found a solution to this allergy.

 A blend of Chinese herbs known as “FAHF-2” has been shown to totally block the peanut allergy in mice. After seven weeks of treatment sessions with the FAHF-2 herbs, mice with previously recorded allergies to peanuts were protected against the offending legumes for as long as six months.

 If they were fed any food containing the nut, they did not suffer a reaction. At the end of six months, they received another treatment with the herbs and their protection was completely restored.

 One of the greatest things about this therapy is that the herbal blend can be swallowed, so those with a fear of needles needn’t worry. This makes the therapy very accessible. The researchers aren’t giving away the secret of what makes FAHF-2 work, but it appears that there are several things this blend is responsible for.

 For one thing, a cytokine (which is a receptor that works in your immune system) known as “interferon-gamma,” which works against histamine and allergic responses, was found to be elevated in those taking the mixture. This may be because the Chinese blend encourages T-cells to create more of this substance.

 The research looks promising and human trials will likely be started in the near future. With any luck, this could mean the end of peanut allergies.