Controlling Joints That Seem to Be Burning

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Burning Joint PainThere are many sensations that can strike joints, those parts of the body that can suffer many forms of arthritis. One strange sensation is a burning feeling. It can occur in nearly any joint, and is in no way comfortable. This burning is often triggered by inflammation.

Gout is a good example of a condition whose pain has been described as feeling like a part of you is on fire. The pain of reflex sympathetic dystrophy, which is caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system, is referred to as a burning sensation as well. Burning is one of the most painful kinds of pain, usually indicative of an injury or an underlying condition that needs to be treated.

One unusual cause that merits some attention is blood sugar levels. High levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood can coat the body’s nerve fibers, leading to burning, tingling and numbness. It typically starts in the extremities: toes, feet, hands, arms.

A good idea is to lower your blood sugar levels, which could help reverse the burning pain triggered by neuropathy. Maintaining a diet not unlike a diabetic would is a good idea for naturally reducing the burning pain. Eat a lot of whole grains, vegetables and fruit and avoid foods high in fat and sugar.

Now for a look at some supplements that have been proven to cool down a burning joint or have at least shown promise in that area:


Easily the top supplement for arthritis. It is regularly mentioned in discussions about joint pain. It appears to have a unique ability to reduce symptoms of arthritis, notably burning.

Vitamin C

Those who take supplements or have diets high in citrus fruits find their joint pain and burning start to reduce.

Topical ointment

Rubbing certain oils into the muscles surrounding the joints could relieve some of the burning sensation. Many brands are on the market, with ingredients such as capsaicin, peppermint oil, olabas oil, menthol, lavender oil and rosemary oil.


This natural organic sulfur compound is essential for your health. It could help relieve pain, burning and inflammation in joints. It’s available in pill, cream or gel form. Doses start at 1,000 mg a day. You can find it in most drug or health stores.


In cream form, this ! all-natural wonder could help ease the burning pain of joints by disrupting the ability of nerve cells to transmit the pain sensations.


A form of relaxation, there are various techniques involved. You may want a few consultations with a professional in order to understand how you can hypnotize yourself. The primary reason you would use it for burning is to distract your mind from the pain. Pain is only as bad as your mind allows it to be.