Could This Common Food Be the Skin Cancer Miracle?

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Could This Common Food Be the Skin Cancer  Miracle?Honey has garnered its share of publicity over the years. This healing food is known for its antibacterial properties, but it’s also a food that could prevent skin cancer. This latest discovery about honey comes courtesy of a joint study conducted at the University of Alabama and the University Sains Malaysia.

The research team knew that Malaysian tualang honey possessed strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So they decided to investigate just how strong those properties were and looked at the effect tualang honey might have on early markers of skin cancer. For their study, they treated skin cells with honey and then irradiated the cells with UVB radiation, simulating cancer-causing sun damage.

The researchers found that treatment of tualang honey exerted a number of beneficial effects on the cells exposed to UV radiation. It seems the honey inhibited UV-induced DNA damage. The honey also enhanced the repair of some of the harmful effects caused by the UVB-radiation. And, treatment of tualang honey inhibited UVB-induced cytokines — those small proteins released by your cells that trigger inflammation.

The researchers concluded that treatment of skin cells with tualang honey affords substantial protection from the adverse effects of UV radiation. The honey does this, they state, by modulating early biomarkers of skin cancer. They suggest that tualang honey be investigated further for its preventative potential.

While it may be difficult to find tualang honey, consider adding any type of honey you can find to your weekly diet. As for your skin, you can use a honey poultice — especially if you travel south this winter and find yourself suffering from sunburn. Just apply the honey to your skin and let it do its magic. Of course, you still need to use sunscreen at all times when you’re outdoors.

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